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Despite the fact some ska songs were routinely banned from Jamaican radio stations, popular critics and music scholars generally have failed to appreciate their protest message. Ema Brodber, an observer of Jamaican music, has contended that Jamaican ska was not a medium of protest, claiming that most of the songs spoke of “morals and with love” and were little more than “re-issues of folk songs’) (“Black Consciousness” 59). Writing in The Black Scholar, Patrick Hylton agreed that early ska songs were primarily love songs (27).

First, Jamaica became even more economically dependent on foreign powers, The JLP and the PNP strived to emulate the “Puerto Rican Model” to create a “new” Jamaica. The effort to emulate this model, nicknamed “Operation Bootstrap,” encouraged foreign investors to establish manufacturing activities in Jamaica. By I 962, Jamaica’s economy was heavily tied to foreign investors, with dramatic increases in exports to Britain, the United States, Canada, and Japan. Jamaica’s dependence on foreign countries turned the island into a “peripheral attachment to the international capitalist system” (Beckford and Witter 79).

In I 929, Jamaican black nationI0 Roots of Rastafarian Musical Protest alist Marcus Garvey’s fictional play, The Coronation of the King and Queen of Africa, spotlighted the crowning of an African king. In 1930,when Ras Tafari Makonnen, the great grandson of King Sahela Selassie of Shoa, was crowned emperor of Ethiopia (and renamed Haile Selassie I), many Jamaicans were convinced that he was literally the “King of Kings,” the living black messiah. Many Rastafarians believed Selassie’s status as a deity was a rejection of the white Christian church.

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