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By Cassandra Eason

The perform of witchcraft (or Wicca) is at present the fastest-growing religious perform within the Western international. all people has the facility to make spells, and this e-book takes the reader step-by-step via a menu that comes with every thing from self-help for chuffed households to eco-friendly magic for saving the planet. Cassandra Eason understands her topic good and provides it in a manner that's either wonderful, down-to-earth and informative. this can be the fundamental reference advisor to the foundations and practices of magick and witchcraft.

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Boasting greater than 100,000 copies in print, this vital consultant has been revised and up-to-date. Silver RavenWolf dishes out tried-and-true Witch knowledge, protecting the necessities of Witchcraft. • New conceal • New inside layout • New edit

My Life With The Spirits: The Adventures of a Modern Magician

A unprecedented glimpse into the interesting, occasionally terrifying, occasionally hilarious global of a contemporary ceremonial magician. Hailed by means of critics because the such a lot exciting writer and the most commonly revered contributors of the magick group, Lon Milo DuQuette offers a beacon for aspiring magicians in every single place.

The Law of One: Book II

In ebook of The legislation of 1, the character of every of the densities or dimensions of this octave of construction is explored intimately with certain emphasis given to how evolution for our 3rd density to the fourth density is entire. the connection among the densities of production and the strength facilities of the physique is investigated in order that each one adventure can be utilized as catalyst for progress to stability and crystallize the power facilities of chakras of the scholar of evolution.

A Practical Guide to the Runes: Their Uses in Divination and Magic

EIHWAZ the yew, URUZ the wild ox, KENAZ the fireside hearth. Created through the Nordic and Germanic tribes of northern Europe, the runes started as a magickal approach of pictographs representing the forces and items in nature.

This guidebook can assist you find the oracular nature of the runes and the way to take advantage of them as a magickal device for perception, safety, and good fortune. functional and concise, this publication includes:

- whole descriptions of the twenty-four runes of the Elder Futhark, plus WYRD, the clean rune
- the variations among bindrunes and runescripts
- 4 rune layouts and specific rune interpretations, together with reversed place meanings
- the way to carve runes and create talismans
- Meanings and makes use of of the runes in magick

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Her month, June, is most fortunate for marriage and, like Hera, her Greek equivalent, her sacred creature is the peacock. She is invoked in sex magick as well as for all matters concerning marriage, children, fidelity and wise counsel. Parvati Parvati is the benign and gentle Hindu Mother Goddess, consort of the god Shiva and the goddess daughter of the Himalayas. Her name means 'mountain' and she is associated with all mountains. She and Shiva are often pictured as a family in the Himalayas with their sons Ganesh, god of wisdom and learning, and six-headed Skanda, the warrior god.

After the initial circle is cast, the symbol can be handed round while the person leading the ritual speaks the intention. Alternatively, each person can add his or her special interpretation while holding the symbol and so the declaration is worked as part of the ritual. As others are holding the symbol, visualise it within your own hands; this provides the transition to the next stage of the ritual. Concentration is the key to this first stage. The Action This is the stage where you use actions to endow the symbol with magical energies.

If you are working alone, you may feel that in a sense you are not alone but are joining with the tree spirits and Devas, the higher forces of nature who will dance with you as you spiral. You may even see their luminous outlines. * If you are working in a group, when you feel the power has reached a climax, unclasp your hands and with a final call, Above! raise them straight above your head and allow the energies to spiral through the cosmos. * Then sink down so that your hands and feet are pressing the ground and let any excess golden radiance and power return to the Earth.

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