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By Alain Badiou

English-speaking readers can be shocked to benefit that Alain Badiou writes fiction and performs together with his philosophical works and they are only as vital to knowing his higher highbrow venture. In Ahmed the thinker, Badiou's so much wonderful and available play, translated into English the following for the 1st time, readers are brought to Badiou's philosophy via a theatrical journey de strength that has met with a lot good fortune in France.

Ahmed the thinker provides its comedian hero, the "treacherous servant" Ahmed, as a seductively trenchant thinker at the same time it casts philosophy itself as a comic book functionality. The comedy unfolds as a sequence of classes, with every one "short play" or caricature illuminating a distinct Badiousian thought. but Ahmed does greater than illustrate philosophical abstractions; he embodies and vivifies the theatrical and performative points of philosophy, mobilizing a comic book power that exposes the vacancy and pomp of the area. via his instance, the viewers is moved to a residing engagement with philosophy, researching in it the ability to damage in the course of the limits of daily life.

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In Thus Spoke Zarathustra, for example, Nietzsche speaks of how the will to power leads to a desire “to create the world before which you can kneel,”7 which suggests that there is more to the will to power than simple domination; there is also the overcoming of one’s own limitations. There can be no doubt, however, that the will to power is an absolutely fundamental concept in Nietzsche’s philosophy. indd 33 33 5/15/2010 2:23:18 PM For Nietzsche, philosophy is a creative, world-making activity, and this creativity comes from the philosopher’s ability to recognize the necessity of thinking outside of the terms set by standard, conventional notions of what defines good and bad behavior.

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