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By Benjamin O. Bibb, Joseph J. Weed

This e-book will inform you how-for you do be capable to heal. instantaneously you could no remember that you've the it, yet you do.this reward of god is a part of the birthright of each guy and girls.

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This may be by blowing them clear, by siphoning off the mucus, by washing it out, or by whatever method your imagination suggests. Trust your intuition in these matters; it will frequently amaze you. 40 When you have satisfied yourself that all of the passages are clear, then continue with your treatment, this time to remove the cause of the mucus congestion, the allergy to certain foreign matter such as lint, mold, animal hair or even certain household cleansers or insecticides. These allergies are actually fears implanted in the subconscious at birth, usually as an inheritance from some ancestor.

There were times I could hardly climb the stairs to our apartment. The doctor could not find a reason for the pain hut suspected arthritis, and said if it didn't improve that he would do a bone scraping. A few days after my session with the doctor, I read about Ben Bibb, the healer, in a local paper. On that day the pain was intense, so I called him and asked for help. He told me about a meeting of some graduates from his Seventh Sense classes and said they would he glad to help. I fixed my family's dinner and sat down with my husband to read.

I began a rhythmic pulsation of energy to harmonize the action. With my left hand as originally placed, I would then go mentally with my right hand into the lungs as well as the windpipe and nasal passages, mopping out the mucus emission from the tissues and using a blotter to soak up the natural histamine in the tissues which was reacting and creating the mucus. The right hand would then go back mentally to the thymus gland, energizing it, and then go into the neck and chest to jolt the lymph glands with energy.

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