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By Alexander Rainy Maclean Murray

First released in 1953, this seminal advent to political philosophy is meant for either the coed of political concept and for the final reader. After an advent and is the reason the character and function of philosophy, Dr Murray presents a severe exam of the primary theories complicated by way of political philosophers from Plato to Marx, paying particular recognition to modern matters. The booklet additionally attempts to outline the fundamental problems with philosophical value in modern politics, with particular connection with the clash among political authority and person rights, and to teach how the several ethical assumptions underlying authoritarian and democratic platforms of presidency are finally dependent upon various theories of common sense.

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2 By this he seems to mean that the 1 2 Politics, Book I, Chap. 2. ) a loc. cit. Aristotle s Theory of the Best Possible State 39 destined end of a thing's development is necessarily a good end It is not clear whether this proposition is intended to be analytic or synthetic—whether Aristotle is implying that the "nature* or destined end of a thing is what is meant by its 'good', or whether he only means that that end is, as a matter of either fact or necessity, always characterized by goodness.

Cephalus, who is a retired merchant with considerable means, suggests that justice consists in rendering to God and man whatever is their due. Socrates has little difficulty in showing that this 26 An Introduction to Political Philosophy definition is circular, since the definition of the word 'due' would raise the same problems as the definition of justice itself. Various other suggested definitions of justice are then examined, including that of Thrasymachus, the Sophist. Thrasymachus's theory that justice is simply 'whatever is to the interest of the stronger party5 was discussed in the preceding chapter, and Plato's reasons for rejecting this definition briefly examined.

Their children must be the issue of temporary unions based on eugenic principles, and neither these children nor their mothers must be regarded as in any way the property of the fathers. , VII, 532. , VII, 531,C. , VII, 540. , VII, 539. , VII, 540. , VII, 540. This does not mean that the relationship of men and women should be promiscuous, but that a woman should be available for mating with whichever man is cugcnically best suited to her. Plato's Theory of the Ideal State 33 This manner of life will be their salvation, and make them the saviours of the commonwealth.

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