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In 1492, Angelo Poliziano released his Lamia, a praelectio, or starting oration to a direction he could educate that educational yr on Aristotle s earlier Analytics on the Florentine college. Having heard murmurings that he was once no longer thinker adequate to educate the Aristotelian textual content, Poliziano moves again, providing in influence a fable-tinted heritage of philosophy. greater than a repudiation of neighborhood gossip, the textual content represents a rethinking of the venture of philosophy. This quantity bargains the 1st English translation, an version of the Latin textual content, and 4 stories that set this wealthy instance of humanist Latin writing in context.

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La riflessione di Pico dopo il 1488 e la sua polemica antiastrologica,” in C. , 229–46. 64 See L. Polizzotto, The Elect Nation: The Savonarolan Movement in Florence, 1494–1545 (Oxford: Clarendon, 1994), 100–17; D. Weinstein, Savonarola and Florence: Prophecy and Patriotism in the Renaissance (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1970), 185–226. 65 See S. S. B. R. , Marsilio Ficino: His Theology, His Philosophy, His Legacy (Leiden: Brill, 2002), 71–97; for context and recent bibliography Celenza, “The Platonic Revival,” cit.

Allen, Synoptic Art: Marsilio Ficino on the History of Platonic Interpretation (Florence: Olschki, 1998), 149–93; and Robichaud, in this volume. On the differences in opinion between Ficino and Poliziano, see Wesseling, “Introduction,” xvii. ” See I. Maïer, Les manuscrits d’Ange Politien (Geneva: Droz, 1965), 13–14; see also Candido in this volume. poliziano’s lamia in context 33 of a man with two bags. Each is full of vices, and one hangs from the front of his body, the other from the back. ” Listening carefully to Poliziano’s list of all of the authentic philosopher’s attributes, one learns something crucial, which Poliziano himself articulates as he sums up his own arguments: persons such as these are exceedingly unusual to find.

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