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Slowly, other companies, such as Mary Kay Cosmetics, Proctor & Gamble, and Gillette, have also stopped using the Draize test. 4 Animal rights groups have argued that the LD-50, Draize, and other tests were unnecessarily cruel, if they were even necessary at all. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration does not require that these tests be conducted to assure the safety of chemical products for humans, although the government does require testing of some sort. At least, one might argue, these experiments had a point, but as some activists have complained, many studies performed on animals seem to have no practical applications.

G. ” 12 In more recent years, attitudes have changed somewhat, not only among the public, but in the courts as well. There is more of a sense that animals, legally speaking, lie somewhere between inanimate objects and human beings. Nevertheless, rulings have been based not upon how an animal itself has suffered but rather on how an animal’s death or injury has affected its owner. Steven J. Bartlett, a senior research professor of philosophy at Oregon State University, comments on the Animal Law Website: In legal discourse, there has been a gradual increase in the number of cases in which the courts have ruled that an animal’s value is not to be reduced and equated to property value.

Man’s responsibility is to ensure that animals are treated humanely and responsibly. CntrPnt1 1/14/04 6:58 AM Page 51 Animals Are Not Worthy of Rights Like Those of Humans characters, and our pets, because we’re such an urbanized society now as opposed to people who grew up in the olden days on farms, that we tend to anthropomorphize that animals have the same characteristics as people. Animals want to be cared for and housed properly; they want to be dry; they want to be in a reasonable environmental temperature; they want their food; they want their water.

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