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The Agonists is generally the muscle we are exercising. The Antagonist is the opposing muscle and acts in contrast to the agonist. The Stabilizer muscles are those that hold a joint in place so that the exercise may be performed. The Assistors help the Agonist muscle doing the work. The stabilizer muscles are not necessarily moving during exercise, but provide stationary support. For example, when doing biceps curls, the biceps are the agonists, the triceps are the antagonists and various muscles including the deltoids are the stabilizer muscles.

Extend left arm to punch across the front of body Extend punch all the way through to the right side. Keep right hand at the defense position. • TARGETS: • • • Jaw Ribs (opponents right side) Nose The Front Kick - Forward Leg • • • • • • • • • One foot forward, the other 8 - 12 inches behind. Feet about shoulder width. Transfer weight to the rear leg. Look at target. Lift knee to highest position. Lean back slightly at the waist. Extend leg, but do not hyperextend the knee. Strike with the ball of the foot.

Generally, the exercises are done quickly without a great deal of rest in between sets. One set is performed on a machine and followed by a set of different exercises on the next machine. When all the machines in the circuit have been used the round is completed again from the start until three complete sets have been executed. Circuit Training does not provide an effective aerobic workout. Studies evaluating circuit weight training showed an average improvement of only 6% in cardiovascular fitness as measured by VO2 max over a six-week period.

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