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Those formulas are for the quantitative representation of a variety of electric responses as the outputs can be calculated from the inputs of various voltages and currents applied to each parts of electrical connects of a CMOS device [7]. An example of such equations will be found in Fig. 15. In here, several activities regarding testing and inspecting the CMOS devices are just to extract the values of variables 38 3 Evolution of Semiconductor Technologies Fig. 14 Fundamental thinking way of a computer included in the mathematical formula of the CMOS devices’ model.

But, that requires a greater number of ‘switches’ and their connections to each other. How is this possible? First of all, let me explain the fact that AND and OR logics can be created from the combination of switches. , AND and OR) are presented in Fig. 9. Let’s remind that the switch has two types of input values. In other words, the switch input values of 0 and 1 can be corresponded to the switch on and off, respectively. And after two switches are connected in series, if we consider the case that a value of 1 on one side as an input and a value of 0 on another side as an output.

Someone studying the theories of the circuit design can find the sentence that ‘racing condition’ should be avoided. It is common that a logic circuit receives multiple inputs while operating. So the logic circuits behind one latch (see the previous discussion to know this) will receive the output signals of other latches (or flip-flops) in all likelihood. So if these latches’ output signals for the behind circuits have different time delays, the output and intermediate values of the circuits will continuously fluctuate until all the signals are properly arrived at the input of the circuits and settled down.

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